Tianjin Coastal Development Zone Strategy Planning

Planning area or BNAT basically covers Tanggu District, Jingnan District and Dongli District of Tianjin Municipality. It is determined to become an economically and ecologically sustainable growth pole after Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Urban Design Proposal for a New Guangzhou International Financial District

The subject is designed in international prospective aiming to reinforce the strategic position of the city in worldwide financial service arena.

Conceptual Planning and Urban Design of Xuzhou Financial District

Situated in the New District, Xuzhou financial district covers an area of 152hacters.

Urban Design Concept for the Service Core of Wuhan Science and Technology Newtown (International Design Tender Award Winning Project)

Wuhan New Tech Development Zone was incepted in October, 1988. Strategically, it is an essential part of the South-East urban cluster of China.

Dalian Zhonghua Road CBD planning Concept and Core Area Urban Design

As the City accelerates its northward expansion by building transportation hubs and sports facilities, it unavoidably stimulates the development of the whole northern region.

Tourism Development Planning of Hengqin Island, Zhuhai

Hengqin Island is situated in the Zhuhai, the east of which is apart from Macao by a narrow channel. The island is full of water, there are two east-west low-hills in the northern and southern island.


Through high-quality planning, design and landscape upgrading,create a world-renowned hall of print art.

Conceptual Planning for Historical and Cultural Dengfeng City (incorporated with Urban Design for Initial phase of Implementation)

Dengfeng city, as part of Zhengzhou City, is situated in the Central West Region of Henan Province. Dengfen is rich in history and culture, it possesses Songshan Mountain World Geological Park, Historical Architectural Clusters and Shaolin Martial Art origin.

Constructional Detailed Planning for Chengdu Taikoo Li and Daci Temple

Daci temple conservation districts of historic sites is one of three conservancy districts, which is a famous commercial area in the history, and also a multi-functional mixing zone combining temple, market and residence.

Conceptual Plan for Huanglongxi Ancient Town

Located on the southeast suburb, Huanglongxi Ancient Town is a famous historical place with fantastic scenery.


The project is located in Yixin Lake C area, the latest demonstration area of cultural city concept in Chengdu.

Landscape Design for Zhuhai Coastal Park

Coastal Park is the largest park and the most important coastal landscape belt inside of Zhuhai City, as well as the vital node that formed scenic city and group city.

Landscape Design of Costal Wetland Park in Qingdao Northern New Town

Costal wetland Park is located in the entrance of the sea, and it covers more than 700hectars.

Renovation of Jiangdong Avenue of Nanchong City

As a landscape belt of Nanchong City, Jiangdong Avenue is located in the Gaoping District with 15km length and 50m width.

Urban Planning

We see urban environment as a great achievement of Mankind and an indication of civilization.City is a complex entity that can possibly be moulded by visionary concept of planning. At DPC, we have been constantly searching for good urban planning concept.

Architectectural Design

We see architecture as an organic entity in expressing its spaces, its forms and its structures.We see architecture as an essential part of coordinated city scape in its stereoscopic expression and its harmonious character.


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